Gorilla!Survival skills for brief Narcissistic family Dynamic gatherings.

  • Your memory is correct. Any accusation that it is not is called gaslighting.
  • Taking care of your own personal needs, showering, napping, resting, eating, Is Normal behaviour. Not selfish you will need to retrain your mind to accept this automatically.
  • Preparing yourself, rehearsing, and getting ready for anything is normal behavior, they do it. They don’t want you to do it.

  • They ARE all against you. The WORLD is NOT. This blog is proof of that. Do not let little frustrations make you believe your doomed. In the rest of the world if you keep trying you get results. In the microcosm of the narcissistic family u will only get the same results that led u in search of this information.
  • You are not unloved by God, the Universe, Allah, Buddha, or anything positive and beautiful you believe in. You are unloved by the main NARC
  • That fact that this infoRmation is painful to just Proves how normal you are.
  • They love and feed off your pain don’t show it to them physical or emotional they wont acknowledge it anyway
  • Start your own survival list. Don’t tell any of them, not even 1 of them.
  • Just know your opinion/fact/personhood, will be publicized as irrational, immature, miss-informed, rediclious, bizarre, absurd, paranoid, under someone/something’s influence. And none of that is true, it is simply the dysfunction trying to survive.
  • Overide your childhood defense mechanisms. BUT do not minimize them they are a testament to your strength, the true validations of of your emotions, this is proof that their is a greater guiding power in your life. When u are ready, this will reveal the truth as you have always known it.
  • Isolation, silence, secrecy, and microcosms are their only weapons, make no mistake this is all they have, there is nothing more to it. When confronted with yet another, unbelievable cruel intention before you body and mind locks up in pain. Look around you make as much observation as possible in that moment. When your ready revisit this moment and u will be able to predict and prevent the next one.

  • At this point in your awareness your are better off trusting the kindness of strangers. And i do mean strangers. If you are new to your awareness you will have to reconsider those whom you picked as friends, if you are still feeling unbelievably alone it is because they are a reflection of the only dynamics you knew before. There has been a smear champaign on about you your Whole life. DO NOT trust Or seek acknowledgement from anyone associated with this family.
  • If in conversation with one and you find yourself alone (ie open for direct abuse) you feel emotional pain, or even Bonding do all you can to remove yourself. “gotta pee”, “oven is on”want to sit down with everyone else” get away.
  • When it is absolutely necessary to have dealings with in any of them. Especially if you are repaying a debt, reviewing events, making a plan. Do all of it in as public a forum as possible, find any excuse to tell everyone. Even if your telling your neighbor your going across the street to return your mothers spatula and make sure they are aware of your announcements.
    Keep your eyes and ear open, to smirks, under the breath comments, and self satisfied body language. But never let them know your awareness telling will restart the cycle of abuse toward you. This is knowledge for yourself. Because knowledge is power.
    Your new awareness IS the ultimate battle, it is U against them. U are fighting the power. But you are not alone,

    You are Here, You found this, you know who you are. You get to wake up in the middle of your life and get a whole brand new shiny one. They will never sincerely get that far not in any sense of true sincerity.