Narcissist Behaviors you can count on

If they are a person you need to “go to”, such as a boss or parent. If you complain to them about a co-worker or sibling,it is you they get paranoid about. Not the person you complained about. Your complaint will always be minimized until it happens to them.

Their paranoia is fleeting and their investigation into it is overt and clumsy. They feel merely a once over is enough to scare off a thief.

If they themselves are stolen from, abused, or crossed they don’t hold grudges or even care unless it is able to be made public somehow.

They mainly only abuse behind close doors therefore all dealings transactions should be made in public. Or as in public a way possible.

They love your suffering, they hate your joy, success, and especially your joyful public face when they feel you should feel ruined because of them.

Kicking you when your down. Never let them know your are, stressed, overwhelmed, or hurting in some way. This is when they turn from an annoyance to a predator.